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Rather than the usual "I'll edit your video", they helped me craft a winning online business strategy to back my seminar. You could say the video editing was a bonus.

— Vaughan Liddicoat

International Speaker, Professional Athlete

# Digital Content Studios #

Binds the traditional domains of marketing and publishing.

Digital content Marketing helps shape your creative assets while publishing crafts your story and gets it seen.

Combines a hand-picked team of creative and production talent that includes experienced professionals who have a background in video storytelling and access to sophisticated studio and production equipment.

Brings you the value of an in-house digital content studio without the overhead cost. This allows your business promotions to punch well above their weight increasing efficiency as well as profit.

Why digital content?

If you market your products or services, then connecting to your customers digitally is now a necessity. And content creation is the essential path to connect and build the relationships that are so vital in today’s online marketing world. But not just any content will do! Your content strategy must do 3 things: Fascinate your audience; Strengthen your relationships with your audience; and Support and reinforce your brand integrity and ‘voice’.

Your audience already exists and is looking for you!

In the old days, businesses would put their message in front of a mass audience hoping that some would buy. And that worked... more of less. Often less! But businesses were creating audiences from scratch, which was a costly numbers game. With the digital age, and especially with the advent of social media, the game changed forever. Now, you don't need to go out and create audiences because valuable audiences already exist—and they’re looking for you. So you can now focus on how to best connect with your audience and captivate them! Today, the ‘Information Age’ has given way to the ‘Fascination Age’.

How to influence and persuade your online audience today.

Putting your message ‘out there’ is no longer enough. Today, you have to engage with your audience and fascinate them. You have to build a relationship which, in turn, leads to trust. When people trust you, they want to buy from you. You do that by providing valuable content to your audience. That is, valuable to them, not you! You have to tell them your story because today that’s what they expect. You can’t be an anonymous entity any more. You have to have a face and a personality. It could be your story or the story or your company, or your products’ story... or all of these at various times. But businesses with a strong personality that fascinate, and that their audiences can relate to, do more business.

Produce. Publish. Profit.

A trend that’s definitely here to stay

This trend towards digital content marketing is so important that a number of large international publishing houses launched their own in-house digital content studios in 2015.

CBS Interactive launched its own in-house production company to develop mobile and digital content exclusively for brands and marketers.

Condé Nast (think Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Brides, Self, GQ, The New Yorker, etc.) launched a branded content studio to provide content for consumer engagement for its advertising partners.

Time Inc. abolished the position of editor-in-chief and created a new role, chief content officer, looking to expand into the sponsored content business.

build your brand... as well your business!

Publish or Perish

There’s no getting around it. Today, every business must become an online publisher or risk perishing. And it’s not that difficult. The tools are already available in the form of Social Media platforms. These platforms serve as your publishing arm. And they’re highly effective... if you know how to use them properly. And that’s good news because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Or buy expensive delivery assets. Social Media does it all for you.


You produce compelling digital content that appeals to and captivates your audience.


You publish your content so it reaches your chosen target audience and they engage with it.


You enjoy the profit & prosperity your digital marketing brings.

Celebrity endorsed!

“It’s such a pleasure to work with one so professional, articulate and intelligent as Mr. Mulrine. Thank you.”

— Billy Zane
Multiple Award Winning Hollywood Actor

Traditional marketing has two costs:

A large one-off up-front cost to make the creative assets needed to capture your message; and
a substantially larger ongoing cost for repeatedly publishing your message to a largly-generic, broad-based audience. The back-end costs are higher because a much larger chunk of funds typically go into buying the space and time to deliver your message to a wide audience than into your creative assets.

As well—and this is critical—you never ‘own’ that audience! So you have to start all over again for your next campaign. Owning your audience is like having your own gold mine: you can dig out the gold whenever you want! Digital marketing not only reduces those traditional costs, but also shifts their distribution.

Digital content marketing:

Puts a smaller up-front cost into producing your creative assets—digital processes are less costly than traditional methods, letting you budget for more content and a greater number of repurposed assets; and considerably reduces your budget for distribution—digital publishing is a fraction of the cost of traditional publising methods, giving you the opportunity to reach a much larger, more precisely targeted audience.

Your own goldmine!

But, as well as these benefits, digital content marketing gives you your own gold mine—you get to ‘own’ your audience. And that means you can reach them with your message and valuable content at any time for a greatly reduced cost!

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