The FBO Is Watching You

superheroYou’ve heard of SEO (search engine optimization) and you kind of know how it’s done – using lots of juicy, juicy keywords related to your content.  But what about FBO?  What is it?  And why do you need to know about FBO?


FBO is nothing to do with the FBI, by the way.  Instead, it stands for Face Book Optimisation (or, if you want to be picky, Facebook Optimisation).  Think of Facebook (or any other social media site, such as Twitter or Snapchat, for example) as being like an internet within the internet.  Like Google’s Panda and similar algorithms, Facebook also has a set of algorithms that help people find you, watch your online videos, follow links to your website and subscribe to your YouTube channels (i.e. all those things that you really want them to do).  Like you did for the internet in general when you made or got someone to make your website, you need to tweak things to increase your chances of being found.


There’s more to it than just forking out to Facebook, too.  You want to appear in those “Stories you may like” or “Suggested posts” that pop up for you on your personal feed/wall after you’ve clicked on that hilarious video that your friend shared (and you want to make the sort of video that people’s friends share, too!).  So how do you make your social media marketing strategy more powerful and increase your chances of being picked up by the FBO algorithm?


Tip #1: Have great content.  You won’t get shared, clicked on, or liked if you don’t have great content. You see, the FBO algorithm doesn’t just do caveman-simple things like merely check for keywords. (Heck – even cave people knew the value of a great static image; what’s more, some archaeologists worked out that with some cave paintings, if someone beats a drum while the pictures are viewed by torchlight, the flicker and the echoing drumbeats makes it look and sound like a stampede across the plains – prehistoric video footage!).  The FBO also looks at how people behave with your online content.  Do they watch your video, comment on your post, share your meme, follow your link or click the like button?  Or are they only watching part way through the videos, watching then doing nothing or ignoring your post completely?  You’re keeping track of the likes and reactions – or at least you should be keeping track of these things – and so is the FBO algorithm.  This means that your videos have to engage with your audience and provoke a reaction: outrage, laughter, compassion, empathy, identification, tears, etc.


Tip #2: Back up good video with an equally good description. While it’s people’s reactions that really get the FBO hot on your tail, you still need to make the most of keywords as part of your online marketing campaign.  People have to find your great video or your snappy static image, and they may not if you don’t provide a good description of what’s in store for them if they do have a peek.  Put a description on everything, including every single photo in every single album.  It doesn’t have to be long – short and intriguing can do the trick (e.g. “super fluffy caramel werepig ”, courtesy of British crafting business Patchwork Toad).


Tip #3: Don’t forget the hashtags! Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter.  They also help you turn up in Trending feeds, searches and the like.


Tip #4: Use your personal account to share some of the juicy stuff from your business account.  You do have a business Facebook page that’s separate from your personal one, don’t you?  If you don’t, then you’d better create your business Facebook page now!  The golden rule is while you can share business stuff on your personal page (hey, Aunty Mary and Cousin George, look what I’ve been up to at work lately!), it’s best not to do it the other way round, especially if you’re a public figure such as politician.  Your customers, clients and professional audience don’t need to see that badly filmed video of you singing in the shower, the photo of you and your best mate with the Instagram doggy nose filter (it’s old; it’s not that funny anymore; don’t even bother sharing on your personal page) or the footage of you going down a waterslide at your kids’ birthday party in a business suit.  On second thoughts, the waterslide in a suit video might end up being popular if you are a political figure…


Don’t forget that if you’re finding it all a bit confusing and you’re not sure how to come up with the videos and static images that resonate with people, then have a chat with us and we’ll help you out.