The Stats: What Social Media Platforms Are Australians Using?

DCS_Website-Tweaks(1)You just about can’t go through the day without seeing another person using social media on their phone or computer, even if you’re not a heavy social media user yourself. It looks as if just about every Australian is connected and getting social, digitally speaking, these days.


So just how many Australians are using which social medial platforms?  According to Social Media News , in April this year, the top ten social media sites in Australia were the following as follows.


  • *     Facebook and YouTube took out the top spots, with 15 million and 14.25 million respectively. We suspect that the number of actual YouTube users may be a lot higher, as you don’t need a YouTube or Google Plus account to use YouTube, and it’s pretty common for kids who don’t have their own devices (yet!) to watch YouTube cartoons or other videos (including demo videos for the latest cool toys) on their mum or dad’s device.
  • *     Instagram comes next with 5 million viewers, meaning that this online photo and video platform is trailing a long way behind the Big Two. Reblogging site Tumblr comes in just below Instagram with 4.4 million.
  • *     The business-focussed LinkedIn is the only platform in the 3–4-million-user bracket, with 3.8 million users.
  • *     Surprisingly, Twitter, which has been with us for quite a few years, is roughly on a par with newcomer Snapchat. These two platforms, along with WhatsApp, fall into the 2–3 million user category, with 2.8 million users for Twitter, 2.4 for WhatsApp and 2 million for Snapchat. Less well known platforms also have over 2 million registered users, namely Blogspot (2.15 million) and the travel review site TripAdvisor (2.3 million).
  • *     Vine, Twitter’s video-based twin that has a considerable amount of popularity in the USA doesn’t even figure in the stats, mostly because it hasn’t been released in Australia yet. This means that if you were considering creating 6-second videos for this social media platform as part of your online marketing strategy, you’ll have to wait.
  • *     Pinterest also has a surprisingly low number of registered Australian users, especially as this site is frequently talked about, especially among certain demographic groups (i.e. women in their 30s or so who have in interest in crafting and similar practical projects). According to Social Media News, Australia has only 300,000 registered users (that’s roughly the population of Devonport, Tasmania; Facebook users, by comparison, outnumber the populations of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide combined)
  • *     Tinder, the smartphone-based app for making life easy for stalkers meeting up with new people in your area has over a million users.

OK, it may be fun to trot out some of the stats as trivia (like the one comparing Facebook users with the people living in the five biggest Australian centres) but what’s the take-home message for when you’re trying to plan your online campaigns and make the right sort of videos to catch the attention of your target audience?  That’s right: Facebook and YouTube are the way to go if you want to reach as many people as possible. In other words, great videos and striking images, mixed with a bit of interaction with your audience, is a real winner online.


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